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Heart With Wings is a small veterinarian owned and family-run crematorium with a big heart.


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Dr. Laura became aware of cremation by water through her extensive work in the field of veterinary hospice. She started Heart With Wings Aquamation because she believed that our pet’s should be shown the same compassion and love that they were shown during their life. The entire Heart With Wings team promises to handle each pet with the same love and respect that we would are own.

Since opening Coulter Veterinary Hospice Services 4 years ago, we recognized the need for a compassionate, local pet cremation service that offers bereaved pet owners the peace of mind that their pets will be treated with the utmost respect. We believe that families will find comfort in knowing that the team that is providing hospice or end of life care for their pet is also providing dignified and respectful aftercare as well. Families can trust that their pet is in caring hands during the entire end of life process.

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